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    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2005

    Thesaurus of International Trade Terms

    Revision 4. 166 pages. (Technical Paper). Thesaurus intended to trade information services in developing countries, to be used for bibliographical description and indexing of information material and sources, in both printed and electronic formats - covers all subjects related to international trade, with particular reference to trade development, trade promotion, export marketing, supplies management and related activities - includes descriptors on products and services; countries, regions and economic groupings; as well as functional aspects of trade - lists terms alphabetically with their classification codes, the French and Spanish equivalents, scope notes where necessary, and hierarchical relationships such as broader, narrower, related, as well as cross-reference terms; includes lists of terms by category.

    Environmental Industries: Country Profile - Trade Opportunities Germany: 2004

    115 pages. (Technical Paper). Survey of the environmental industry (EI) in Germany and of the international demand for EI, focusing on trade opportunities for developing countries. Reviews Germany's general economic environment; examines its national policies and strategies for development of the environmental industry sector; provides overview of Germany's and worldwide production and trade with EI products and services and highlights export possibilities from developing countries to Germany; gives overview of EI market characteristics and analysis of El industry in Germany; outlines worldwide distribution channels of EI products and services; introduces sector-related trade and investment associations, programmes and support organizations suitable for developing countries' EI companies at international level; highlights Germany's technical import requirements and regulations and broaches economic investments in Germany; discusses international demand for EI products and services; provides overview of major German players in the EI market; annexes include major EI trade fairs in Germany, web-links to German and international institutions involved in EI and a list with HS product codes and tariffs of environmental goods.

    TPO Best Practices: Strengthening the delivery of trade support services

    108 pages. Collection of practical experiences and best practices of trade promotion organizations (TPOs) in various countries of the world - provides case studies of best practices related to core services of trade support institutions; financing and sources of revenue; leverage of information technology; performance measurement and evaluation; projection of national identity in support of export promotion efforts; innovative methods to promote and support trade activities; outlines implications of TPO best practices for such institutions in other transition and developing countries; presents profile of individual TPOs whose best practice appears in the publication; appendix includes sample of questionnaire used by ITC as a platform for the exchange of Best Practice Propositions amongst TPOs.

    Purchase an End-Result! Guide to performance-based purchasing for government and private buyers

    169 pages. Technical guide intended for government and private purchasers who manage purchases of strategic dimensions - introduces the basic notion of performance requirement and discusses methods for achieving it; analyses in detail purchases in the construction and equipment sectors, covering identification of needs, search for financing, notion of overall cost, tender inquiry and selection of companies and performance process criteria; describes selected public procurement procedures; gives examples of the fulfilment process, and accounts of personal experiences of buyers; addresses ethical issues related to purchasing; includes a list of related Internet resources, description of different types of electrical power stations and a bibliography.