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    International Trade Bulletins


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2004

    ITC produces a variety of international trade bulletins which complement ITC's books and technical papers. To subscribe, contact the relevant sections of ITC listed below.

    • Market News Service. Price and market information for seven primary and/or semi-processed products. Available in English on the Internet, on a paid subscription basis.

      The categories covered are:
      - Fruit juices (quarterly)
      - Fresh fruits and vegetables - Europe (44 issues per year)
      - Fresh-cut flowers - Asia, Europe, North America (weekly)
      - Medicinal plants and extracts (quarterly)
      - Pharmaceutical raw materials/essential drugs (monthly)
      - Spices (32 issues/year)
      - Tropical ornamental young plants (twice monthly)

      Contact: pmaps@intracen.org

    • Export Packaging Bulletins. Topics of interest to export packaging professionals, trade support institutions and SMEs interested in exporting. Published every two months in English, French and Spanish. Available in print and on the ITC web site.

    • Contact: packaging@intracen.org

    • Export Quality Bulletins. Each bulletin explores one export quality topic in detail, such as ISO 9000:2000, HACCP, and eco-labelling. Issued several times yearly in English, French and Spanish. Available in printed format and on the ITC web site.

    • Contact: gujadhur@intracen.org

    • Trade Finance Press Abstracts. Trade finance-related press abstracts, contact information for export credit agencies, ITC trade finance activities. Issued quarterly in English. Available by e-mail and on the ITC web site.

    • Contact: cattani@intracen.org

    • Trade Information Awareness Bulletin. Annotated list of publications and electronic information sources newly acquired by ITC's Trade Information Reference Centre. Issued quarterly in English, French and Spanish. Available in printed format and from the ITC web site.

    • Contact: tirc@intracen.org

    • World Tr@de Net Newsletter. News on important WTO meetings and their business implications, dispute settlement cases, relevant ITC publications and events of interest to partners in ITC's World Tr@de Net Programme. Available monthly, by e-mail and on the World Tr@de Net site.

    • Contact: jouve@intracen.org http://www.intracen.org/worldtradenet/docs/whatsnew/newsletter_geneva.htm

    • Coordinated Leather Industry Assistance for Africa. Outlines technical assistance activities of over 30 donor organizations in the hides, skins, leather and leather products sector in Africa. Serves to enhance coordination among donors by providing information on projects, activities and meetings. Issued yearly. Available in print and on the ITC web site.

    • Contact: paredes@intracen.org

    • Servicexports E-Newsletter. Practical tips and strategies for SMEs, trade support institutions and governments in developing countries to increase exports of business services. Describes tools such as handbooks and training programmes, and includes advice for SMEs on export-preparedness, marketing and networking strategies. Published quarterly. Available on the ITC web site.

    • Contact: rodas@intracen.org