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    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2002

    World markets for organic fruit and vegetables: Opportunities for developing countries in the production and export of organic horticultural products. 312 pages (Technical Paper). The publication presents the recent findings of a joint FAO/ITC/CTA study on international trade in fresh organic fruit and vegetables. It provides detailed information on demand for these products in the world's largest organic markets (United States, Japan and European countries), including data on sales and imports.

    World Directory of Trade Promotion Organizations and Other Trade Support Institutions 2002. 143 pages (Technical paper). Directory of trade promotion organizations and other trade support institutions involved in international trade - includes ministries, trade promotion organizations, import promotion offices, chambers of commerce and industry in principal business centres and/or federations of chambers of commerce and industry, trade associations, operational trade points and, in separate chapters, selected regional and international organizations; lists organizations in (English) alphabetical order of countries/territories with addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Internet site addresses as well as an indication of their main types of activities.

    World Directory of Importers' Associations 2002. 152 pages (Technical paper). Trilingual directory of associations grouping importers, with international coverage - lists associations by country with product groups of interest, classified according to the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC, Rev.2). Provides for each association: address and contact information, number of member importers, types of services and publications when available; includes alphabetical product index and list of countries covered in the directory.

    Selective Bibliography of Published Market Research 2002. 92 pages (Technical paper). Market reports covering various sectors, products and services of possible interest to developing countries and economies in transition - published by ITC and other organizations - cover several markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.