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    New Books and Technical Papers(3)


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2006

    Business Guide to Trade Remedies in Canada: Anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards legislation, practices and procedures

    181 pages, revised edition. Guide focusing on the Canadian trade remedy system. Provides an overview of the world trading environment and the WTO trade remedy system. Highlights Canada's anti-dumping and countervailing measures systems; provides details concerning the information that must be supplied by exporters to the Canadian authorities, and the factors taken into account in making dumping and subsidy calculations. Deals with the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) injury decision-making process; examines temporary emergency measures available to Canadian producers faced with a surge in low-priced imports; provides information on Canadian law, procedures and the role of the CITT in considering safeguard measures; includes bibliographical references.

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    Business Guide to Trade Remedies in the United States: Anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguards legislation, practices and procedures

    226 pages, revised edition. Guide to trade remedy procedures (anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard) aimed at exporters from developing countries and transition economies, with particular reference to trade remedy legislation and practices of the United States. Examines origins of trade remedies and their administration in the country under review; considers role of institutions responsible for trade remedy administration and the WTO rules governing trade remedies (WTO Agreements on Implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994, WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures, and WTO Agreement on Safeguards). Presents procedural framework for the United States' unfair trade remedies; discusses trade remedy investigations and actions; includes Internet guide to the United States trade remedy law.

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    Finance for Trade

    129 pages. (Trade Finance Series.) Guide describing appropriate mechanisms and instruments that could be adapted and introduced by developing and transition economies to help improve the financing of trade by the private sector, with particular reference to small and medium-sized enterprises. Provides examples of best practice for such mechanisms and instruments and includes a table setting out the current state of trade finance infrastructure in developing countries and transition economies. Sets guidelines on the methodology for implementing the introduction of appropriately designed instruments, mechanisms and institutions for the financing of trade; includes a list of bibliographical references and useful web resources.  

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    ISO 9001:2000 - A workbook for service organizations

    116 pages. Joint ITC/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) publication, presenting a set of questions, checklists and planning guides for streamlining the internal process of conformities to ISO 9001:2000 standard by professional service organizations in developing countries. Provides an overview of ISO 9001:2000 as an international quality management framework and focuses on internal decisions, discussions and planning needed in applying the ISO 9001:2000 concept and for creating the necessary quality management system in a small service organization. Appendices include a list of information sources on ISO quality management systems, tips for working with external consultants, a sample internal audit checklist for a "vertical" audit and sample questions to help staff prepare for an on-site external audit.

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