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  • globaal value chain

    valueThe value chain represents the complete set of primary and support processes and activities necessary to generate and deliver a product or service through all the phases of its life-cycle from conception to disposal.

    The present module enlightens the entrepreneur on how to generate an optimal utilization of benefits to be gained by a global distribution of the various activities making up the value chain of a product. 



    ITC has developed this learning course as part of its continuing mission to develop and improve world trade, especially for developing countries and women entrepreneurs. The specialist authors have drawn from their experience and from the learning gained from respected works used in their personal development to enable you to:

    • Gain an understanding of the phenomenon of globalization, its effect, the nature and functioning of global value chains and the potential it represents for developing countries;
    • Observe the different potential options of entering global value chains and take note of the specific avenues in which SMEs can become involved;
    • Gain awareness of the conditions, obstacles and needs involved in SME entry into Global Value Chains; 
    • Become informed about governmental and other initiatives enabling and supporting the entry of SMEs into Global Value Chains.