About Trade Forum

    • About International Trade Forum

      International Trade Forum is the quarterly magazine of the International Trade Centre (ITC). Focusing on issues related to trade and development, it provides analysis and opinion by thought leaders and policymakers, and showcases best practices and success stories.

      Published quarterly since 1964 in English, French and Spanish, Trade Forum has 12,000 subscribers to the print editions, and more than 30,000 readers visit the online edition each month.

      Reprint guidelines

      We actively encourage print and electronic reprints of original Trade Forum articles, which are all for free and open source.

      However, while prior permission is not needed for reprints, we do ask you to please credit ITC when running original Trade Forum content in your own publication, for example by including the following sentence at the bottom of the article ‘This article was first published in International Trade Forum magazine’. For online publications we would ask you to also hyperlink to the original article.

      In addition, we would also encourage you to drop us a line with a link to article to tradeforum@intracen.org should you wish to run a Trade Forum article. This allows ITC and the article authors to know where and by whom the content has been published. For articles in print, a copy of the magazine would be appreciated.

      Please note that photos may not be reproduced without prior permission by the author.


    • Issue 4/2020 in PDF

      Issue 4/2020 in PDF