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    Zimbabwe: Adapt Packaging to local Systems


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2001

    Modern consumer packaging, designed to present well-protected and undamaged goods for display and sale on store shelves, may not be practical in countries such as Zimbabwe, where bar-code readers are as yet mostly absent from the retail system. Additional handling, with resultant damage to the product and its packaging, may therefore occur, as package units have to be individually priced before transfer to the display shelves. This means that the local manufacturers often prefer more robust packaging, which is also, as a rule, less attractive and more expensive.

    The main employers' associations have active committees dealing with issues of health, safety and environmental awareness among their members. A number of the leading packaging and other companies have formed an Environmental Forum, a body to promote environmental responsibility among industrialists. Associated with this is a "Cleaner Production" centre, assisted by UNIDO/UNEP. The Environmental Forum is well supported by industry.