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    World TPO Awards: New Awards to Recognize Excellence in Trade Promotion


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2003

    The first World TPO Awards - newly established international awards to recognize excellence in national trade promotion - will be presented at the 5th World Conference of Trade Promotion Organizations in Malta on 1-2 October 2004. National trade promotion organizations (TPOs) are eligible for the awards and their representatives will also select the winners.

    The awards focus on tangible changes and verifiable achievements of TPOs in 2002 and 2003, the two years preceding the World Conference of TPOs.
    The major objectives of this competition are to:

    • recognize achievement and reward success of TPOs;
    • stimulate active networking and the sharing of 'best practice' among TPOs;
    • encourage innovative approaches and initiatives by TPOs.
    Awards will be presented to the winners of each of the following categories:
    • Best TPO from a Least Developed Country (LDC)
    • Best TPO from a Small Country
    • Best TPO from a Developing Country
    • Best TPO from a Transition Economy
    • Best TPO from a Developed Country
    • 'Best of the Best' TPO: Best TPO (chosen from the winners of the above five categories).
    The winners will be selected by an Adjudicating Panel of eight distinguished TPO panellists, including a balanced mix of representatives from different regions and from developing and developed countries. ITC's Executive Director will be Chairman of the Panel (as a non-voting member).
    TPO achievements in a number of fields will be recognized, including:
    • new TPO services and products;
    • client focus and client relations management;
    • innovative processes and delivery methods;
    • contribution to business advocacy;
    • efforts to ensure sustainability of TPO services, through revenue generation;
    • enhancement of the export capacity and/or performance of local industries;
    • human resource development within the TPO;
    • performance measurement and monitoring;
    • leverage of information technology to further TPO objectives;
    • other areas of achievement considered by the TPO to merit recognition.
    The major benefits of participating in the World TPO Awards include recognition by peers and using the event for public relations purposes in the TPO's home country.

    Winners will be entitled to use the World TPO Awards logo on their corporate communications and will be featured prominently on the TPONet web site (http://www.tpo-net.com) and in ITC's Trade Forum magazine.

    About the World Conference of TPOs

    Who is it for?

    The conference is an event for TPOs by TPOs. Aimed at practitioners and professionals in the field of trade promotion, the conference is ideally suited for chief executive officers (CEOs) and other senior personnel from national and regional TPOs, private business support organizations, government agencies, related bodies and government ministries responsible for promoting trade and enhancing the capability of their client companies to export and internationalize.

    What will be discussed?

    The conference will focus on innovation. The need to innovate for competitive advantage is clear. The topics to be discussed, debated and presented at the conference will be of relevance to TPOs the world over, regardless of their size or geographic location. Indeed, the diversity of TPOs present will add great value to the conference and will provide a unique opportunity to network, share experiences and develop innovative ideas.

    Some of the themes and issues to be addressed by the 5th World Conference of Trade Promotion Organizations include innovation in:
    • corporate and business strategies for TPOs;
    • approaches to TPO performance evaluation;
    • revenue generation strategies for TPOs;
    • customer relationship management techniques for TPOs;
    • client-marketing approaches for TPOs;
    • services for TPO clients;
    • TPO service delivery mechanisms;
    • motivation strategies for TPO staff.
    The speakers and panellists in the various plenary and thematic sessions are CEOs and other senior personnel of TPOs from Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. Internationally known guest speakers will share their experiences and insights on innovation, lateral thinking, the competitive advantage of nations and the role that TPOs can play in maximizing their nation's or region's competitive advantage through innovation.

    For more information, see http://wtpo2004.metco.net

    For further details of the awards, please see http://wtpo2004.metco.net or contact:
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