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    Viewpoints: Perspectives from National Partners


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    Foster a national network 

    The book is a valuable trade promotion tool. Equally important, the process of customizing Trade Secrets nationally is turning out to be an excellent exercise in institutional networking.

    Ricardo Leal and Cassia Morais, Brazilian Trade Promotion Department and Export Promotion Agency 


    Advocate on behalf of exporters 

    Exporting is an educational process. Trade Secrets is a solid step in this process. At present, we have identified 336 questions through the national survey process outlining key constraints facing Egyptian exporters. We plan to present these constraints to officials to foster change in the exporting environment.

    Nermeen Abou Gazia, International Cooperation Officer, Egyptian Exporters Association - ExpoLink 


    Tie the launch to a major trade event 

    We plan to launch the book at Havana's International Trade Fair in October 2000, where many national exporters will be present. We are planning direct marketing to all our member companies, articles in our magazine, Mercado; announcements during training courses and seminars; newspaper articles; and web site announcements.

    Olena Navas Perez, Director General, Centro para la Promoción de las Exportaciones de Cuba 


    Supplement training programmes 

    We plan to use it as a guide in training seminars. We are developing Power Point transparencies to present the main topics in the guide.

    Luis Maldonado Lince, President, Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters (Fedexpor) 


    As a trade training institution, we consider Trade Secrets as an auxiliary component of our training programmes and services. It will be a significant support to SMEs as it features answers to the commonly-asked questions of the Filipino exporters.

    Maria Fe J. Avila, Senior Trade Industry Development Specialist, Philippine Trade Training Center 


    Plan an integrated marketing campaign 

    We launched the book in November 1998, and received good initial press and television coverage. Over 3000 letters were sent to our member companies and export houses. Our monthly magazine contained an article with an order form. We display the book regularly and distribute a Trade Secrets flyer at trade fairs, conferences and seminars. We also sent the flyer to our offices abroad for international distribution at major events. Trade Secrets will now feature in "Business Mantra", a weekly national television broadcast targeted to small firms. Write-ups of Trade Secrets continue to appear in newspaper columns, such as the "Learning Curve" of the Economic Times.

    Gurpal Singh, Senior Director, Confederation of Indian Industry 


    Expand services 

    Trade Secrets is complementary to our successful Export Programme. The information gathered for this book will be used to further develop the training and materials for this programme as well as other business training and skills enhancement programmes.

    Victor Pratt, Chairman, Kenya Management Assistance Programme 


    Fill national information gaps 

    Export represents a fundamental component of the development strategy of Mauritius. Concurrently, there is a growing demand from SMEs for information on export, which is lacking. Trade Secrets is an innovative project that will considerably help SMEs and consultants in search of information.

    Vikash Nathoo, Projects Officer, Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry 


    Make use of tested approaches 

    This gives BANCOMEXT "a new promotional tool that facilitates the export process for SMEs in Mexico, applying an international methodology already tested in other countries which could be adapted to Mexican exporters".

    José Antonio González Carrancá, Advisory Services Assistant Manager and Carlos Sinencio González, Development Services Information Manager, BANCOMEXT, Mexico 


    Develop standard tools 

    The availability of the generic version to member countries makes the publication of Trade Secrets very much easier because a listing of 100 questions and answers to these questions are given. The adaptation of the generic version is helpful for the development of standard and uniform tools.

    Nirmal Kumar Bista, Executive Director, Industrial Enterprise Development Institute, Nepal 


    Customize it to a national perspective 

    Since we found Trade Secrets to be a more customized tool for SMEs where we could also include information on foreign trade and other relevant questions, we decided to sign a joint agreement with ITC.

    Mojca Osojnik, Director of Business Information Point INFOLINK, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia 


    Customize it to a national perspective 

    At present such a complete book is not available in Turkey. It is really a good idea. We find ITC's joint projects which include adaptation to countries specific situations very useful. We believe such projects are practical and will increase the effectiveness of our services, especially for SMEs.

    Beratiye Oncu, Deputy Secretary General, IGEME, Export Promotion Center of Turkey 


    Build ownership 

    As [the board and local consultants] went along gathering the most frequently asked questions and providing answers to these questions, a lot of good knowledge and experience was gained. By doing so, we acquired the needed ownership of the publication and the knowledge it contains.

    Robert K. Rutaggi, Executive Director, Uganda Export Promotion Board 


    Respond to user needs 

    ZimTrade did not have a comprehensive book providing export related information to new and small exporting companies. The idea of surveying exporters for the frequently asked questions was very appealing to ZimTrade as this makes the book relevant to users.

    Chris Tsimba, Market Adviser, ZimTrade, Zimbabwe 


    Strengthen information exchange 

    Trade Secrets promotes the image of Bancoex as a government agency whose mission is to promote the export of non-traditional products; strengthens the exchange of trade information; and identifies and analyzes obstacles to the export process.

    Eliana Gherardi, Vice President for Export Promotion, Banco de Comercio Exterior, Venezuela