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    Useful Carpet Sector Contacts


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/1999 

    Trade promotion and facilitation bodies, both in exporting and importing countries, can be tapped to support the efforts of the developing country exporters. (See the Index to Internet Sources on ITC's web site, at http://www.intracen.org/itc/infobase/infobase.htm for contact information.) Some of these organizations specifically focus on the carpet trade sector.

    A series of norms and regulations are in force in the major export markets. The norms and regulations deal with product aspects as well as trade-related aspects. These considerations cover quality, health and safety; packaging, labelling and packaging waste; environmental considerations; and working conditions. Below are sample contact points for certification, inspection, market trends and import facilitation.

    For more information contact María-Mercedes Sala, ITC Market Development Officer, at sala@intracen.org 

    European Union Ecolabel
    Contact point for standards, certification and labelling of environmentally friendly production.
    Commission of the European Communities, DG XI E-4, Rue de la Loi 200, BE-1049 Brussels, Belgium
    Tel.: 32-2 299 0344

    Fax: 32-2 299 0113
    E-mail: ecolabel@dg11.cec.be 

    An international inspection body for organic production methods, holder of the officially registered EKO ecolabel (for textile products made of environmentally sound cotton).
    Stationsplein 3A 8001 CW Zwolle, Postbus: 384, NL-8000AJ Zwolle, The Netherlands

    Tel.: 31-38 422 6866
    Fax: 31-38 421 3063
    E-mail: href="mailto:info@skal.com">info@skal.com

    International Colour Authority
    Forecasts colours for residential and commercial carpeting and provides colour samples for analysis and inspiration.
    Benjamin Dent and Co. Ltd., 23 Bloombury Sq., London WC1A 2PJ, United Kingdom
    Tel.: 44-171 637 2211

    Fax: 44-171 637 2248
    E-mail: itbd@itbd.co.uk

    The Carpet and Rug Institute
    P.O. Box 2048, Dalton GA, United States of America
    Tel.: 1-706 278 3176
    Fax: 1-706 278 8835
    Internet: http://www.carpet-rug.com 

    Oriental Rug Importers Association
    100 Park Plaza Drive

    Secaucus, NJ 07094, United States of America
    Tel.: 1-201 866 5054
    Fax: 1-201 866 6169
    E-mail: oria@oria.org
    Internet: http://www.oria.org 

    Rugmark is a non-profit organization which educates consumers about use of child labour in carpet production. It urges buyers only to purchase carpets that bear the official RUGMARK label. This label - featuring a smiling rug - demonstrates that every effort has been made to determine that the carpets have been produced using fairly-paid adult labour. Below are a number of RUGMARK national offices (in alphabetical order by country).

    Selected National Offices

    323 Chapel Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa K1N 7Z2, Canada
    Tel.: 1-613 563 9936
    Fax: 1-613 237 5969
    E-mail: ccameron@cyberus.net 

    c/o TRANSFAIR e.V.
    Remigiusstr. 21, D-50937 Köln, Germany
    Tel.: 49-221 941 1253
    Fax: 49-221 9420 4050
    E-mail: rugmark@transfair.org

    Internet: http://www.rugmark.de 

    310 Tirath Singh Tower, New Delhi 110058, India
    Tel.: 91-11 554 4410
    Fax: 91-11 561 8591
    E-mail: delhi.rugmark@axcess.net.in 

    108 Red House, Vindhyavasini College, Varanasi 221002, India
    Tel.: 91-542 44657
    Fax: 91-542 348706

    42 rue du Kiem, 5337 Moutfort, Luxembourg
    Tel. and fax: 352-35 6160
    E-mail: mlauer@pt.lu 

    P.O. Box 3459, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel./Fax: 977-1 434 253
    E-mail: nv@csl.com.np 

    Landelijke India Werkgroep, Oudegracht 36, NL-3511 AP Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Tel.: 31-30 232 1340
    Fax: 31-30 232 2246

    733, 15th Street N.W., Suite 920, Washington DC, United States

    of America
    Tel.: 1-202 347 4502 or 1-202 347 4100
    Fax: 1-202 347 4885