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    Trade Secrets Launched in India


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/1999

    The Confederation of Indian Industry launched its national version of Trade Secrets: The Export Answer Book at a ceremony held 26 November 1998 in New Delhi, in partnership with ITC and the Indian Ministry of Trade. The meeting attracted over 200 government, business, and education officials, and generated heavy national media coverage. The guide answers over 100 commonly asked questions about exporting.

    ITC followed up the event with a two-day training programme for ten other countries that are producing their own national versions of the guide. In addition, there are scores of other countries requesting information about undergoing the adaptation process. The generic version of the guide is available in English, French and Spanish, as well as guidelines on how to customize the publication.

    Organizations from 17 countries have signed Joint Publication Agreements with ITC in order to produce a national version of Trade Secrets and disseminate it. The adaptation process takes roughly one year.

    For more information, contact S. McCue, Adviser, Practical Guides, at mccue@intracen.org