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    Trade Institutions Meet on Management Training for Exporters


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2006

    © ITC/M. Hubble, A. Penistan Members of the e-Trade Bridge network shared ideas and experiences.

    The annual meeting of network members of ITC's e-Trade Bridge programme in Izmir, Turkey, in November 2006 helped trade institutions in 25 countries compare notes on how they are helping small firms use communications technology to manage their businesses more efficiently.

    Three agencies from Turkey co-hosted the meeting: the Association of International Trade Advisors and Trainers, the Export Promotion Center of Turkey, and the European Union-Turkey Business Centre.

    As part of the occasion, two training events, on "Managing for Competitiveness" and "Bridging the Use Divide", were held for close to 300 firms. The China Centre for Promotion of International Trade was nominated to host the next annual event in Beijing.

    For more information: contact Osman Ataç, Chief, Enterprise Management Development Section, atatac@intracen.org

    The full report of the meeting is on theEnterprise Competitiveness newsletter online