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    TFOC of Canada and ITC Join Forces to Develop Trade in Africa


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2003

    Photo: From left to right: J. Denis Bélisle, Executive Director, ITC; J. Smadja, Deputy Executive Director, ITC; Elisabeth Merz, Senior Trade Promotion Officer, ITC; Dwayne Wright, Executive Director, Trade Facilitation Office of Canada; David Taylor, Consulting Services, Trade Facilitation Office of Canada.

    The Trade Facilitation Office of Canada and ITC signed a Memorandum of Agreement in March 2003 to help African exporters boost their potential, through a five-year, 8 million Canadian dollar (US$ 5 million) programme funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. Called PACT (Programme for Building African Capacity for Trade), this is one of the initiatives under the Canada Fund for Africa, which was announced by the Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, at the G8 summit in Kananaskis, Canada in June 2002.

    With 35 of the world's 49 LDCs located in Africa, the continent stands out in its need for poverty reduction. Trade is increasingly mainstreamed into national development and poverty reduction strategies. In this respect, PACT is a direct contribution to the Market Access Initiative of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

    Ghana, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania will be beneficiaries during the pilot phase (six months) of the programme. During this phase, a number of high-priority activities will be implemented as early 'deliverables'. The second phase of the programme, which will run up to 2008, will involve up to 15 African countries.

    For more information about the PACT programme, contact E. Merz, ITC Senior Trade Promotion Officer, at merz@intracen.org