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    Singapore: New Mission, New Name


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2002

    International Enterprise Singapore, or IE Singapore, is the new name of Singapore's TPO, formerly known as the Singapore Trade Development Board. The new name reflects the new mission: to help Singapore-based companies to grow and internationalize successfully.

    Due to a small domestic market, Singapore-based companies have to consider expansion into overseas markets at a much earlier stage than their counterparts in countries such as the United States or China. IE Singapore's new focus arose from the realization that Singapore-based companies might need extra help to succeed in increasingly competitive international markets.

    IE Singapore has identified "3Cs" that are critical to its new mission:

    • Competency. Do companies have the skills and capabilities to sell their products and services overseas? IE Singapore focuses on supporting firms in business strategy, marketing and staff development as they begin exporting. Its Business Information Service has over 30,000 publications, provides statistics and directories and produces market opportunity reports.
    • Capital. Do companies have the financial means to expand? IE Singapore holds workshops, networking sessions and programmes to structure financial solutions for companies to expand internationally.
    • Connections. Are companies globally connected? Do they have links to their experienced counterparts? IE Singapore develops online and virtual platforms for company networking, such as Network China, which provides business support from sharing information and experiences to business matchmaking.

    IE Singapore is also positioning Singapore as an international enterprise hub by encouraging foreign businesses to expand into the region in partnership with Singapore-based companies.

    IE Singapore operates a portal site, http://www.iesingapore.com, that offers four services: Venture Abroad to help Singapore-based companies go international; Partner Singapore for international businesses; BizInfo that contains business information services; and Inside IE that provides an activities' calendar of seminars, events, trade fairs and overseas trade missions.

    IE Singapore

    • Mandate: To help Singapore-based companies grow and internationalize successfully.
    • Institutional positioning: Statutory Board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
    • Founded: 1983 as the Singapore Trade Development Board.
    • Location: Singapore, with representatives in 36 locations around the world.
    • Funding: Primarily from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
    • Staff: 502.
    • Of interest: Promotes Singapore as an international enterprise hub: it invites foreign firms to collaborate with Singapore-based companies in order to enter the region.

    IE Singapore,
    230 Victoria Street #07-00, Bugis Junction Office Tower, Singapore 188024.
    Tel.: +65 6337 6628
    Fax: +65 6337 6898
    E-mail: enquiries@iesingapore.gov.sg
    Web site: http://www.iesingapore.com

    The information above is adapted from concepts presented at the 4th World Conference of TPOs.