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    Services Exporting Home Page Takes Off


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001

    Within the past two months, visitors to the (Services Exporting Home Page) have increased rapidly, climbing to over 9,000 hits per week.

    This web site - targeted to services exporting firms, associations that support them and government agencies - is a portal site for global information on services exporting. It is getting many of its visits from Brazil, Estonia, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, with others also coming from developing countries.

    A related web service, a database of service associations from developing countries and economies in transition, is also growing steadily. Associations list themselves on the database, which is available at http://www.serviceassociations.org/

    If you visit these sites and find the information useful, please add a link from your web page to them, so that others can find the information quickly and easily. To do so, ask your webmaster to include the following code on your page: <A HREF="http://www.intracen.org/servicexport/">ITC Services Exporting Home Page</A>

    For more information, contact Ian Worrell, Adviser on Trade in Services, at worrel@intracen.org