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    Romania and ITC Celebrate Ten Years of Partnership


    In June, the Romanian Foreign Trade Centre organized a one-day trade symposium and ceremony to celebrate ten years of successful cooperation with ITC.
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    ITC has worked with the Romanian Government on a wide range of projects to deliver practical services to Romania's business community. "This is a landmark year, and we would like to thank ITC for its focused, highly professional approach in helping Romania's trade community," said Mr. Ovidei Cernei, Director General of Romania's Department for Foreign Trade and Economic Promotion, in a joint press release before the event.

    Major achievements

    Several important achievements emerged from an independent evaluation of ten years of cooperation between Romania and ITC. Among them:

    • Top-ranked trade information services. The Romanian Foreign Trade Centre has rapidly emerged as the country's best provider of trade information services. ITC contributed to the centre's conceptual framework, web site development and staff training.

    • Nationally reputed Romanian Association of Purchasing and Supply Management. Romanian purchasing experts created this association in 1996, following a series of ITC training sessions. Over the last five years, the establishment has trained over 300 Romanian specialists, bringing a new business efficiency to their companies. Today the association has 35 member companies and is government-accredited to issue training certificates. Due to their experience and skill, these Romanian specialists are increasingly being engaged by ITC to conduct training on international projects in purchasing and supply management.

    • Romanian versions of major international business publications. Romania is the first country to adapt and translate three of ITC's top-selling business publications: the Business Guide to the World Trading System; Trade Secrets; and Secrets of Electronic Commerce. These practical guides are aimed at helping the business community improve their export capacity.

    Future directions

    At the symposium, ITC and the Romanian Government launched a new, one-year information technology project to inform the Romanian business community about the implications of the WTO agreements on international trade in information technology (IT) products, and increase awareness about global trade opportunities for IT products and ser-

    vices. In addition, ITC will work directly with private firms in the wooden furniture and garment industries to build new competitive strengths. Finally, ITC will also continue its work with the Romanian Foreign Trade Centre in order to deliver a range of trade promotion services to Romanian businesses.

    Partners are key to success

    The Ministry of Commerce coordinated the technical cooperation with Romania's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bucharest's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Romanian Association of Auditors, the Romanian Association of Supply Management and the Romanian Foreign Trade Centre, all of which were represented at the symposium.

    "If I were asked to highlight the biggest key to success, it would be the close working relationship with a wide range of partners in Romania, as well as the Swiss Government and UNDP," said J. Denis Bélisle, ITC's Executive Director. "The assessment of country needs, subsequent design of technical cooperation projects, their management and their monitoring were done as a collaborative, country-based process."

    For more information, contact Szabolcs Piskolti, Chief, ITC Office for Arab States and the CIS, at piskolti@intracen.org