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    Readers' favourite topics: Back office operations


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001

    Here are two of the many letters we received following the first Forum article on back office operations. (The first article appeared in issue 3-2000, and a follow-up article appears in this issue.)

    "I have just seen the Forum mentioning the publication on back office services, and we would like to receive a copy. We are a non-profit export promotion body of refractory producers in India. I feel we can be of assistance to interested parties wanting support services in detailed designs and drawings, construction and dismantling of refractories, etc."

    P. Das Gupta, Executive Director, Indian Refractory Makers Association, Calcutta, India irmaindia@hotmail.com Internet: http://www.irmaindia.org

    "Your article on back office operations (Forum 3-2000) was very interesting. We would be very grateful to receive a copy of the book. As a counsellor in international trade to SMEs, this new material is quite important to develop new jobs."

    Ricardo M. Grandi, International Business Adviser, Buenos Aires, Argentina regracon@giga.com.ar