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    Putting "E" to Work


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2005

    Photo: Digital Vision

    As the second stage of the World Summit on the Information Society gets underway (Tunis, November 2005), businesses in rich and poor countries are asking: "How can 'e' help me compete?"

    Whether it's exports of clothing or coffee, information and communications technologies (ICTs) are transforming trade. From the latest trends in coffee auctions to the textiles and clothing industry's "e" revolutions, ICTs bring both perils and promise.

    Developing country firms that want to stay competitive must adapt. They need to know which applications will boost visibility, improve efficiency or enhance products. The challenges are great, especially in countries that are slow to develop an e-culture. Putting "e" to work doesn't happen automatically. Countries need to manage the process.

    In the articles below, find out how ITC is helping to bring the voice of developing country exporters to the World Summit on the Information Society, where governments, business leaders, academics and others are meeting.

    Also, find out how information technologies are helping ITC to reach its clients more effectively, in stories about the Trade Forum site and a report on online answers to coffee exporters' questions about the New Orleans port closure.