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    Project Spotlight: Trade Secrets Guide


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001

    Mr. J. Smadja, Deputy Executive Director of ITC, congratulates the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry on its national version of Trade Secrets.

    Launches in Kenya, the Philippines, Turkey and Zimbabwe

    National versions of Trade Secrets: The Export Answer Book were launched in Kenya, the Philippines, Turkey and Zimbabwe this spring at national launching ceremonies. Trade Secrets is a series of approximately 50 national guides, each one published jointly by ITC and a national trade-related institution. The guides provide answers to the most common exporting questions, and each guide is researched and written with the same type of research and publishing process, but the answers are customized to respond specifically to each country's export issues and to provide the most relevant national and international contacts.

    For more information, contact Sarah McCue, ITC Adviser