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    Product Map: new partners, more users for online market analysis


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2005

    ITC's trade information and market analysis tool Product Map, which helps identify priority export sectors, has tripled the number of users since its launch in 2002. This web-based tool, consisting of 72 industry portals, notched up 18,000 monthly visitors in February 2005.

    Users - mainly export firms - come from over 80 countries, from Bolivia to Brazil and Senegal to South Africa, and even developed countries such as the Netherlands and Switzerland. Firms access Product Map to target viable markets worldwide, obtain market intelligence and network with "market-makers" in their sector.
    Product Map has up to now catered to export-oriented industries and organizations. ITC will release a new improved version at the end of 2005, incorporating suggestions from users. ITC is adopting a new, joint approach to develop and maintain Product Map with trade support institutions from around the world. Partners will be able to customize trade information according to their priorities. In addition, through an ITC certification programme, these partners will contribute to the pool of trade information, making it a global trade information development initiative for developing countries and their partners.

    For more information, contact José A. Da Luz, Product Map Manager, at daluz@intracen.org