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    Our Readers Speak


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2007, © International Trade Centre

    ITC has been listening to its networks to find innovative solutions to create sustainable jobs through trade.

    Over the years we've heard from trade promotion specialists who improved their skills, professors who used articles in their classes and entrepreneurs who spotted new business opportunities. This feedback is encouraging, and helps us focus on subjects you want to read.

    Expanding our new feature "Meet Our Readers", we interviewed readers to find out how they use Trade Forum and what they would like to see showcased in future editions.

    The readers come from all over the world and read either the English, French or Spanish versions of Trade Forum. Some discovered the magazine a few years ago, while others have been reading it for 20 or 30 years.

    While different themes interest them, all appreciate our practical approach to trade development topics. Our international outlook on common challenges is also something they may not find in national trade publications.

    Among these readers' favourite articles are cases on country strategies to build competitiveness and practical tips for exporters, such as on model contracts or trade fairs. They are also interested in broader trade issues like trade negotiations, environment and e-commerce.

    Their wish list for the future is varied. Some want to learn more about cooperation and funding possibilities for trade development projects. Many want more cases on national or sectoral export strategies. They request inspirational stories of successful exporters. Some readers also ask for reporting on trade trends, such as the relation between trade and labour issues, dealing with fraud, investment or non-tariff barriers.

    Their experiences may inspire you to use the magazine in new ways. If you have found them helpful, or wish to be interviewed for a future edition, please contact us at forum@intracen.org