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    Nonu, Samoa: adding value through new products


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2001 

    Nonu Samoa Enterprises was formed by Mr. and Mrs. Siaosi-Tinielu in 1995 to develop and test for export the production from the nonu tree, which is indigenous to Polynesia and has long been known locally to have medicinal properties.

    The company originated from a brainstorming by the Siaosi-Tinielu family to identify a traditional Samoan plant that might have export potential. The development stage lasted three years (1995-1998), including the testing of samples by potential clients in the United States (with the help of the Siaosi-Tinielu children). The company now exports about 4,500 kg of nonu chips (sun-dried nonu) a month to the United States, and 400-500kg of nonu juice every month to its distributor in New Zealand. Farmers all over the country supply the nonu for the chips, and the nonu for the juice is grown organically on the Siaosi-Tinielu's three-acre (1.2 hectare) plantation. The company has ten permanent employees, but provides further employment for casual workers at peak times and for local farmers.

    Contact: Mr. and Mrs. George and Tia Siaosi-Tinielu, Nonu Samoa Enterprises Ltd., P.O. Box 1099, Apia, Samoa. Telephone/Fax: +685 23 010.