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    Newsletters at ITC: New and Improved


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2006

    Inside stories, training resources and the background to some hands-on projects.

    At regular intervals during the year, one or more ITC newsletters appear online, in print or both. They all focus on trade-related technical assistance (TRTA): sometimes, they are a news resource, reporting on TRTA project events, progress and developments; at other times, they are an integral project resource, with news, information and case studies.

    The newsletters are aimed at a readership comprising both those who are well-informed and those uninformed on international trade issues, from the government official close to negotiations to the local business person or farmer seeking to improve sales through exports. Over the past year, ITC has developed three new newsletters and upgraded another.

    Asia Trust Fund Newsletter

    The ATF Newsletter is a product of the Asia Trust Fund (ATF), a facility set up with the European Union to provide rapid access to TRTA financing. With some 25 projects being implemented until mid-2007, the ATF Newsletter reports on efforts under way to help improve the performance of specific business sectors (e.g., upgrading one country's leather industry or en-abling another country to harness the concept of Geographical Indicators to market typical national products internationally). It also reports on ATF assistance to countries in response to an urgent need from industry, agriculture or fisheries, such as helping to comply with international requirements, regulations and standards in order to market their products internationally or taking advantage of new trends in consumer tastes to reorient their product base and, thus, their export performance

    Focus Pakistan

    Focus Pakistan is the news resource of a TRTA project, co-funded by the European Commission and the Government of Pakistan, ITC, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and under way since 2005. The newsletter provides regular updates on progress towards building Pakistan's export potential and competitiveness. Under the project, ITC focuses on the private sector, UNIDO on standards and certification activities, and WIPO brings its expertise to bear on intellectual property. Focus Pakistan uses field reports from all three agencies to highlight progress in, for example, setting up trade-related facilities, equipment and software or carrying out training seminars, workshops and other events to inform, advise and open the channels of communication between business, government and academia.

    Enterprise Competiveness Newsletter

    The Enterprise Competiveness Newsletter provides news and reports from ITC's programmes for Enterprise Management Development. The programmes help firms become more competitive internationally through access to a network of trainers and consultants skilled in identifying shortcomings and devising means to address them. The newsletter details some of the programme networks, resources and guides available to entrepreneurs, reports success stories based on their efficient use and provides hints and tips on business practices and methods.

    World Tr@de Net Newsletter

    The World Tr@de Net Newsletter is an online resource from ITC's World Tr@de Net, a programme to help businesses in developing countries understand current and emerging WTO issues, thereby placing them in a better position to voice concerns and perspectives to national trade officials and propose appropriate negotia-ting positions. The newsletter reports on progress in the Doha Development Agenda talks, developments within the WTO, bilateral and regional free trade agreements in the pipeline and a variety of other trade-related news of relevance to the business community.