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    Meeting Reviews ITC Trade Information Strategy


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    An ITC Technical Meeting on 3 November 1999 focused on ITC's trade information services, reviewing a recent evaluation and ITC strategy. The meeting was chaired by D. Bouchart, Executive Secretary of the International Agency for the Development of Handicrafts, Paris.

    J. Borgstram of the Permanent Mission of Sweden in Geneva was Vice-Chairman and Rapporteur. The meeting was attended by 50 representatives of developed and developing countries and economies in transition, as well as 15 participants from specialized institutions.

    The ITC trade information strategy was externally evaluated in 1998, and ITC developed a new trade information strategy that takes into account the findings from the evaluation process.

    Lack of appropriate trade information has been cited as one of the major obstacles to international business development, in an ITC survey conducted for the World Trade Organization's High-Level Meeting for least developed countries in 1997.

    Meeting participants supported the new strategy on trade information, which focuses on:

    • Capacity building. Trade information services in partner countries, training for information managers and operational tools and guides.

    • Networking facilitation. Support to networks that exchange information and know-how, especially using the Internet and CD-ROMs.

    • Information delivery. Assessment and supply of information, based on a knowledge management system.

    The report of the Technical Meeting will be submitted to the 33rd Joint Advisory Group Meeting, which will take place between 10-14 April 2000.

    For more information, contact B. Ancel, Chief, Trade Information Section, at ancel@intracen.org