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    Manda, Madagascar: Staying Competitive Against the Multinationals


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2001 

    Unlike most fishing businesses in Madagascar, Manda does not belong to a multinational enterprise. It is entirely owned by Arthur and Bakoly Razakanavalona. A medium-sized company by Malagasy standards, with 1% of the estimated Madagascan fish market, it nevertheless remains competitive against big companies, handling 180 tonnes of exports with an annual turnover worth some US$600,000.

    Founded in 1995, Manda specializes in selling frozen fish. Its major markets are Mauritius, Singapore and South Africa. Manda's customers normally put their own label on the fish after processing abroad. In all, Manda has 32 permanent staff, 20 of whom work on exports. Mahajanga, 650 km north-west of the capital, with its community of traditional fishermen, is the principal source of seafood. As part of Manda's concern for quality, it has helped the fishermen become more professional, providing boats and nets, basic training on the spot with regard to the use of freezing, standards and quality products as well as help in bringing the catch quickly to shore through the use of powerboats. It has even signed a contract with the traditional entrepreneurs to ensure that the cold chain is not broken. In return, Manda guarantees to buy all the catch of the community and pay cash on delivery.

    Contact: Ms. Bakoly Razakanavalona, Manda, IVM 104 MK, 67 Ha Sud, 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar. E-mail: manda@dts.mg