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    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    -- Major Markets for Cotton T-shirts. 115 pages (Technical Paper). Market survey on cotton T-shirts in the European Union (with particular reference to Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden), United States and Japan - discusses international textile trade in general terms and in relation to WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing; presents major markets and their characteristics; outlines documentary and shipping requirements, relevant legislation, contact specifications, quality control methods and environmental issues; contains statistical data.

    -- Fibres and Textiles Industry at the Turn of the Century: Some Observations. 44 pages (Technical Paper). Background paper covering issues with significant impact on future development in international trade in textiles and clothing, focuses on WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (coming to an end in 2004), and its consequences for the sector; examines anti-competitive practices, as well as individual regional and government policies; reviews supply and demand trends and prospects; environmental issues and their impact on sector.

    -- International Trade Rules: Business Questions about the World Trading System and the WTO. 116 pages (Technical Paper). Guide aimed at small and medium enterprises in developing and least developed countries, and economies in transition, answering questions related to impact of the multilateral trading system and WTO Trade Agreements on business environment - addresses issues such as implementation and enforcement of the Agreements, dispute settlement mechanism of WTO, implications for international trade, involvement of developing and least developed member states in WTO negotiations, and effects of removal of trade barriers on business; includes references for more in-depth information on specific issues; list of WTO member states and a glossary of related terms.

    -- Trade in Euro: A guide for enterprises and trade support agencies in developing and transition countries. 80 pages (Technical Paper). Guide analysing implications of the introduction of the euro for small and medium enterprises in developing countries, it describes economic, commercial and financial environment resulting from creation of the European Monetary Union (EMU) and its impact on non-European countries; examines practical consequences of the introduction of euro for enterprises outside the euro zone; outlines practical adjustments to be considered by these enterprises for conducting advantageous commercial relationships with euro-zone countries; provides overview of EMU and describes main steps leading to full implementation of the euro.

    -- Rules of Origin in Export Credit Insurance. 35 pages (Technical Paper). Paper focusing on impact of the rules of origin on export credit insurance, it provides background information on rules of origin and describes export credit insurance concept; examines links between the two and explains to what extent rules of origin can influence possibility of applying for an export credit insurance policy; presents current set of rules adopted by ECAs (export credit agencies) and export credit insurance companies in a large number of countries; also deals with the impact of euro on rules of origin and export credit insurance.