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    Introducing our new Trade Forum magazine


    International Trade Forum - Issue 1-2/2008 

    It is a great pleasure to present to you the first edition of the restructured International Trade Forum magazine. We hope that the online version will become a greater forum for dialogue to promote and facilitate "Export Impact for Good".  

    The International Trade Centre is in the business of helping small businesses in developing countries connect effectively with the global marketplace. By building knowledge and skills, we aim to increase export activity and grow community outcomes in places most in need.

    This January issue brings views of top trade experts on understanding consumer attitudes, and addressing challenges of the current contraction in global markets. The next online edition will look more closely at environment, ethics and consumer conscience.

    We encourage you to use the comments feature available for each of the articles and share your views.

    Trade Forum magazine has helped developing countries since 1964 to build their capacity to promote trade and develop exports. The magazine's popularity has grown, especially with its trilingual web version, which attracted thousands of new online readers. Readers have welcomed greater coverage of trade development trends, export success stories and views from trade experts and policy-makers, while still appreciating updates on ITC events, publications and services. ITC's clients gave the magazine top marks in ITC's 2007 client survey, as did an earlier online reader survey.

    We have redesigned our magazine to connect the agenda of people in developing countries with decision makers around the world. We would like to extend our readership potential and gain greater influence in developed as well as developing markets. Our aim is to inspire readers with new ways of thinking; promote greater awareness of issues affecting their trade opportunities; and expand our audience to a new generation of exporters, advocates and customers.

    This issue looks at how consumer conscience is impacting on buying patterns in markets around the world and how this presents both opportunities and challenges for today's exporters. Expert commentators from around the globe share their thoughts about ethical and environmental considerations, how to respond and how to win more business. It also comes at an extraordinary time in world markets; a time when we need to be more aware than ever of market trends and new opportunities; a time when we have an even greater role in communicating more clearly the route to export success.

    Patricia Francis
    Executive Director
    International Trade Centre