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    Expresses Appreciation for Partnership with ITC
    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    From India to Italy, silk is always fashionable.

    At ITC's Joint Advisory Group Meeting (April 2000), the International Silk Association (ISA) took the floor to express its appreciation for its partnership with ITC:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, ISA is a worldwide organization devoted exclusively to silk. Founded 50 years ago, it serves as a forum for every country in the silk business, either production, processing or trade. The Association has members in 40 countries, and includes the major silk producers.

    It was at ISA's 1985 congress that for the first time a representative of ITC took part in our congress, attending the various meetings and making contacts with the numerous members. This proved to be an excellent way of acquiring first-hand information about the world silk trade.

    Since then, the partnership between ISA and the ITC has been uninterrupted. This collaboration has taken numerous forms. ISA has cooperated with ITC in the production of ITC's Silk Review, by adding its own information, statistics and comments to those of ITC. ISA has also taken part in various training programmes organized by ITC, destined to assist developing countries in improving their access to Western markets for silk. The two organizations have jointly played a leading part in international gatherings such as "Global Silk Scenario 2001," organized in Mysore in 1995. Finally, ISA has taken part in ITC meetings devoted to the ecological aspects of textiles, with specific references to silk, in Geneva and Bangkok.

    The chief results of this cooperation have been:

    • An opening up of developing countries to greater overall knowledge of the international silk market.
    • Training of silk professionals in design, making-up and commercialization of silk products for export.
    • More complete and efficient information on silk through the Silk Review.
    • A greater awareness among all ISA member countries of the fundamental role of ITC in market development.

    I like to think that the cooperation between ISA and ITC is an ideal example of how an inter-professional organization and a United Nations agency can work together to promote a better understanding of market development and improve countries' market access with the appropriate products.

    Let me end by expressing the wish that our two organizations may reinforce and deepen their collaboration in the years to come."

    Mr. Ronald Currie, International Silk Association