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    In China, Tips for a Growing Trade Power


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2007, © International Trade Centre

    © CCPIT

    Interview - Yu Ping

    Information about trade promotion skills and methodologies helps this reader develop programmes for Chinese firms.

    China is one of the biggest actors in world trade today. As Vice Chairman of China's trade promotion organization, Yu Ping works to help the country's firms stay competitive. Mr Yu uses tips and best practices from Trade Forum to help him and plans to help his member companies gain access to technical information by translating and distributing useful content from the magazine.

    Q: How long have you been reading our magazine?

    A: In the past decade, I have carefully read each issue of Trade Forum I received. I believe this magazine is very helpful to trade promotion organizations around the globe.

    Q: How do you use Trade Forum in your work?

    A: To me, this magazine serves as a good forum to learn about the latest trade promotion skills and methodologies, as well as the substantive issues of projects. I also order ITC publications through the magazine, which are good references in my job.

    Q: Do you prefer the print or the online version?

    A: Both the print and the online versions are helpful to readers. The online version is a more interactive complement to the traditional print version, but it doesn't replace the print, which is more portable and readable without the need for Internet access. The two versions do not necessarily have to be the same. Each could have its own features and functions. I hope ITC will keep the two versions in parallel.

    Q: Was there a subject or issue of the magazine that was of particular interest, and why?

    A: Actually, I'm interested in all articles about trade promotion tools and methodologies, which are very helpful to my organization, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

    Q: Are there any subjects you would like to see addressed in Trade Forum?

    A: I would like to read more subjects and articles about trade promotion skills, particularly best practices for exhibitions, training, market surveys, investment generation and event marketing.

    Q: What would be the best way for these articles to reach readers in China?

    A: With a network of over 700 branches and a membership of 70,000 companies, CCPIT will definitely help translate and distribute the information in Trade Forum in China through CCPIT events, publications and CCPIT-ITC co-branded publications or events as well.

    The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

    Established in May 1952, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is a leading trade promotion organization in China. With a wide network of nearly 70,000 member companies, 700 local branches in China and 17 overseas representative offices, CCPIT maintains good cooperation with counterparts around the globe.

    CCPIT promotes international trade and foreign investment, enhances the exchange of technologies and expertise between China and other economies, conducts activities of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation, and strengthens mutual understanding between the Chinese and other people through business cooperation.

    CCPIT's main services include organizing and receiving trade missions, hosting exhibitions and fairs, processing and distributing economic and trade information, training Chinese businesses, providing legal services and conducting foreign-related arbitration.

    Chaired by Wan Jifei, CCPIT represents the Chinese business community in the International Chamber of Commerce, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Pacific Basin Economic Council, International Exhibitions Bureau, United Nations agencies and other regional and global forums. Go to www.ccpit.org for further information.