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    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    Meeting participants included representatives from the Ministry of Trade, the Saudi Export Development Centre, the Research and Consulting Institute and King Saudia University.

    E-commerce Groundwork in Saudi Arabia
    ITC organized a seminar on export development and e-commerce at the University of King Saudia in Riyadh in October 1999, its first on the subject in Saudi Arabia. ITC highlighted the need for marketing strategies to take full advantage of new communication technologies. ITC staff followed up by working with government officials to develop an e-commerce export development project.

    Pan-Arab Buyers-Sellers Meeting on Pharmaceuticals

    ITC conducted its fourth pan-Arab buyers-sellers event in Amman in November 1999, concentrating on the pharmaceutical sector. Hosted by the Government of Jordan, 60 companies from 13 Arab countries attended. The companies reported to ITC that over US$ 5 million in contracts are under negotiation as a result of the event. The project was financed on a cost-sharing basis by UNDP and the Arab Trade Financing Programme.

    Buyers-Sellers Meeting for Fish Products Industry 

    ITC organized a buyers-sellers meeting in Cape Town in October 1999 for the fish industry sector of southern Africa, generating US$ 1.5 million of confirmed business orders. Another $US 6 million of orders were under negotiation as a result of the business matchmaking services provided by the event.

    For the first time, ITC combined its Internet Café services with a buyers-sellers meeting. The cyber café put together a package of trade information sources targeted to the fish industry sector in the region. Roughly 350 sources were organized under seven topics: trade statistics; country profiles; industry surveys; company directories; standards and regulations; trade fairs; and supply-demand surveys.

    For more information, contact Hendrik Roelofsen, Senior Adviser, Regional Trade Development, at roelofsen@intracen.org. 

    Czechs Inaugurate New Purchasing Association 

    The Czech Institute of Trade and Industry, the Swiss Association of Purchasing and Supply Management and ITC have seen the work of several years come to fruition with the creation of a new Czech Association for Purchasing and Logistics.

    Inaugurated in Prague in October 1999, the association provides a forum for Czech purchasing and logistics professionals to build their knowledge about cutting-edge purchasing and supply management trends and tools.

    The inaugural event, organized by the Czech Institute of Trade and Industry, emphasized the power of the Internet to reduce purchasing costs and improve supply chain efficiency. "Firms cannot afford to ignore ways to improve their competitiveness by applying Internet technology to supply chain operations," noted Ian Sayers of ITC, who delivered a keynote speech at the event.

    The Association can be contacted by e-mail through Jan Sejba, Chairman, or Jana Rehakova, Treasurer, at isp@isp-praha.cyn.cz