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    ITC's Joint Advisory Group Meets Informally


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    An informal session of ITC's Joint Advisory Group took place on 2 November 1999 in Geneva. The session was chaired by A. Mannan of Bangladesh, Vice-Chairman of the 32nd session of the Joint Advisory Group (April 1999).

    Focusing solely on the work programme of one of ITC's divisions, the Division of Trade Support Services, this type of meeting was a first. ITC stakeholders requested that ITC hold an informal session of the Joint Advisory Group, midway between annual sessions, to review the work programme of ITC divisions one at a time. The consultations leading to the informal session were conducted by the Chairman of ITC's 1997 and 1998 JAG meetings, H. E. Ambassador N. Benjelloun-Touimi.

    Partnering for progress 

    The annual work programme of the Division of Trade Support Services flows from ITC's annually-rolling Medium-Term Plan. The Medium-Term Plan is a three-year vision of the general direction of the organization and its divisions. The first Medium-Term Plan for the Division of Trade Support Services, created in 1996, put emphasis on developing generic technical assistance tools that could be customized nationally, in partnership with national institutions. This strategy developed into ITC's "Product-Network Approach". It came about as the result of four converging requirements: collective client needs, best met by generic products that could be customized for each country; rapid turnaround time in developing ITC tools, to allow for faster project implementation; a process to maximize capacity-building, by linking national and regional networks; and the necessity to optimize return on financial resources.

    The Division of Trade Support Services provided participants with an overview of its approach, followed by an update on its work in enterprise competitiveness, training, purchasing, the WTO Agreements and legal developments. Presentations included the following:

    • Partnering for Export Development: Principles and Process of the Product-Network Approach

    • Improving Enterprise Competitiveness: Best Practices - Tools and Services

    • Passport to Export: Learning, Teaching and Training for Export Enterprises

    • Buying into Competitiveness: Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Management

    • World Tr@de Net: Business Development and the WTO Agreements

    • Gateway to Trade Law: Juris International/OHADA: Making International Trade Law Accessible to Exporters and Importers.

    For more information, contact R. Badrinath, Director, Division of Trade Support Services, at badrinath@intracen.org