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    The 3rd World Conference of TPOs (Marrakech, 2000) emphasized the need for TPOs to form regional and international networks to share experiences and find common solutions to help their countries move forward. At the 4th World Conference, participants asked for concrete examples of TPO partnerships and exchanges.

    The TPO Net web site (http://www.tpo-net.com), created and hosted by ITC at the request of conference participants, is designed as a virtual community for TPOs. Through links to national, regional and international trade development bodies, it allows them to review trends, develop contacts and exchange information.

    Other TPO networking resources available from ITC:

    • World Directory of Trade Promotion Organizations and Other Trade Support Institutions contains updated contact information for TPOs in 189 countries and territories (to order a hard copy, see inside back cover of Trade Forum; also available online from http://www.intracen.org/tpo)
    • Trade Forum 4/2000 on "Networking for Trade Development" showcases some trade promotion organizations, their networking tools and how they are used to promote trade (available online from http://www.intracen.org/tradeforum)

    Export strategy

    Export strategy development materials of particular relevance to TPOs can be found on the Executive Forum web site (http://www.intracen.org/execforum). Topics covered since 1999 include:

    • Redefining Trade Promotion.
    • Export Development in the Digital Economy.
    • Is Your Trade Support Network Working?

    For each topic, the web site contains case study research, e-discussions, strategy templates and checklists, and results of brainstorming sessions with experts. A book summarizes the main results for each topic and a Trade Forum magazine issue highlights major trends, examples and contacts for a wider audience.

    For strategy relating to least developed countries (LDCs), see the materials developed for the LDCs' Business Sector Round Table, available from http://www.intracen.org/bsrt.

    A book, Converting LDC Export Opportunities into Business: A Strategic Response, and Trade Forum 3/2001 on "LDCs: Jumpstarting Trade" provide an overview of relevant market sectors, strategies and successful export cases.