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    ITC's 40th Anniversary Programme


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2003

    ITC's 40th Anniversary Programme will be launched at the annual meeting of its Joint Advisory Group in April 2004. A number of initiatives will be implemented over the course of the year. Updates and new initiatives will be reported regularly on ITC's web site (http://www.intracen.org) and in Trade Forum magazine


    High-level Event at ITC's Annual Meeting
    Monday, 26 April 2004

    ITC's annual meeting, the Joint Advisory Group, takes place on the eve of its 40th anniversary. To mark the occasion, ITC will hold a special, high-level event featuring high-profile speakers. Visitors are welcome, but must arrange for a UN visitor's badge.

    Technical Session and "Open House"
    Wednesday, 28 April 2004

    ITC will hold an information session on trade-related technical assistance and an "Open House" to present its tools, services and programmes for the business sector in developing and transition economies. Visitors are welcome.

    ITC Fellowship Programme
    Wednesday, 28 April 2004

    ITC plans to launch a new fellowship programme for young, promising trade practitioners and business graduates from developing and transition economies.

    40th Anniversary Web Site
    January-December 2004

    See ITC's web site (http://www.intracen.org) for the full 40th Anniversary Programme and event updates.

    Special Anniversary Publication
    October 2004

    The Trade Forum magazine will issue a special publication connected with ITC's 40th anniversary. It will touch on ITC's history and role in trade development over the past 40 years and document "export development success stories". The publication will draw on the experiences of present and former ITC staff, beneficiaries, trade support network members and others.

    Advocacy for Trade Development Publication
    November 2004

    ITC will speak on a series of key trade development issues facing exporters today, and provide insight on ITC's role in providing trade-related technical assistance for the business sector in developing countries.

    Photographic Exhibit
    November-December 2004

    ITC will organize at its headquarters a photographic exhibit of 40th anniversary events. The event is open to visitors.


    ITC is seeking sponsorship for mementos of ITC's 40th anniversary for clients, donors and staff.

    40th Anniversary Committee

    Staff Council: Paul Kelly, Cloveese Hossman

    Division of Product and Market Development: Stephan Blanc

    Division of Technical Cooperation Coordination: Pablo Lo Moro

    Division of Trade Support Services: John Gillies

    Division of Programme Support Services: Michaël Cordier

    Office of the Executive Director and Committee Chair: Natalie Domeisen

    Retired ITC Staff 40th Anniversary Liaison: Olaf Karsegaard, former Chief, Market News Service

    Contributing Members to the Committee: Luisa Cassaro, Tanya Quinn-Maguire, Prema de Sousa, Andrée Pinard Clark