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    ITC's 40th Anniversary: Making a Difference


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 4/2003

    On 1 May 2004, ITC will celebrate its 40th anniversary. This milestone presents ITC with an opportunity to review its role in support of trade development, demonstrate the impact of its work over the last 40 years, and chart its course of action for the future.

    With four decades of experience, ITC has become a recognized centre of excellence in helping its partners in developing and transition economies apply practical trade development solutions to enhance their chances in export markets. From expert trade support advice to capacity building and market intelligence, ITC is proud to have become a trusted partner for concrete technical cooperation and pragmatic trade strategies that work.

    With its established networks around the world and experienced team of professionals, ITC helps developing and transition economies to be more competitive and skilful at integrating into the global marketplace.

    On the occasion of ITC's 40th anniversary, I would like to pay tribute to our partners, donors and committed staff members, past and present, who have worked over the years to put trade to work to improve the lives of people in all parts of the world. We should all be proud of our collective efforts towards achieving sustainable development and reducing the gap between the developed and developing world. Together, we are making a difference. Much more needs to be done. Let's take steps to do more in the years ahead.

    J. Denis Bélisle
    Executive Director, ITC