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    ITC Speaks on Trade Development Challenges


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2004

    Expanding trade is an effective way for countries to develop their economies and reduce poverty. Today's globalizing world offers new market opportunities, but at the same time much greater competition. With new challenges, some find it difficult to know where to turn to for help. That's where the International Trade Centre (ITC) comes in.

    ITC has become a centre of excellence in helping developing and transition economies apply practical trade development solutions to reach their fullest potential. From expert trade support advice to capacity building to market intelligence, ITC has helped developing and transition economies become more competitive and integrated in global markets.

    ITC has adapted to changes in international business by redefining its services and broadening its partnerships. On this special occasion of ITC's 40th anniversary, we have taken stock of current trade development challenges, as well as our capabilities, so that our partners and clients can gain a rapid overview and better understanding of our efforts in trade development.

    Building on Trade Forum magazine research of the past several years, we compiled a list of trade issues that we believe firms, and countries, consider of particular importance in developing international business. We took a fresh look at issues and services that our clients request. A broad range of ITC staff then contributed ideas to update these topics.

    The result is a series of ten trade topics, each structured as "challenges", "solutions" and "how ITC can help". In ITC's tradition of practicality, we have kept the briefs accessible and to the point.

    In this online edition, you will also find two extra resources for each topic: relevant Trade Forum articles, and our choice of related sites.

    We hope readers will find new perspectives on trade development challenges, as well as food for thought in reassessing and structuring their own trade development programmes.

    J. Denis Bélisle
    Executive Director
    International Trade Centre

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