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    ITC Signs Agreement with the Republic of Moldova


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    From left to right: H.E. Petru lucinschi, President of the Republic of Moldova; interpreter; J. Denis Bélisle, Executive Director, ITC.

    H.E. Petru Lucinschi, President of the Republic of Moldova, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to boost Moldovan exports with J. Denis Bélisle, ITC's Executive Director, on 14 January 1999. The agreement was signed during an official visit of a high-level government delegation to ITC, led by the President and including several ministers, to discuss technical cooperation in trade promotion and export development.

    The MOA calls for ITC to provide technical assistance to strengthen the planned Moldovan Export Promotion Office, directly assist businesses in developing and promoting export products, and train Moldovan business executives on foreign trade management issues. A needs assessment and programme design mission is planned to develop a technical cooperation project for these activities.

    New export promotion office 

    Plans for the Moldovan Export Promotion Office, which is to be established shortly by the Republic of Moldova, include assistance in establishing a trade information centre; staff training on trade information management and use of the Internet for market research; and procurement of computer hardware, software and Internet facilities.

    Direct enterprise assistance will include a range of export promotion measures, as well as technical cooperation activities to improve productivitiy, quality and technology. Because of the Republic of Moldova's strong agricultural sector (32.2% of GDP in 1997), Moldovan officials are highly interested in export development of organic agricultural products.

    The planned training of Moldovan entrepreneurs and business executives will help Moldovan small and medium-sized enterprises better penetrate foreign markets, as many enterprises today do not have information on relevant market opportunities or international business management techniques.

    An ITC needs assessment and programme design mission is scheduled for spring 1999 to assess needs in the above-mentioned areas, and develop - together with Moldovan specialists - a corresponding project document that reflects the Government's priorities. ITC and the Government of Moldova will conduct subsequent joint fundraising for the project.

    For more information, contact S. Piskolti, Chief, Office for Arab States, Europe and the CIS at tel. +41 22 730 0390; fax: +41 22 733 4439; e-mail: piskolti@intracen.org