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    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    CD-ROMs, bulletins and product marketing brochures are featured on these pages, along with a major new joint publication. The aim is to inform readers about the range of innovative and practical ITC information products that are available. These products complement ITC's trade promotion handbooks, market surveys, directories, bibliographies and other technical materials listed regularly in Forum.

    Export Fitness Checker 

    ITC's new CD-ROM offers a tool to assess a firm's export readiness. 

    The better you are prepared, the smoother your journey will be. This is the concept behind ITC's newest self-assessment tool for SME managers planning to enter foreign markets. Using a software programme in CD-ROM format, exporters can identify gaps in their export readiness.

    Identifying gaps 

    The programme contains 56 questions structured within 8 areas involved in the export process. Each question is formulated so that the replies are yes or no. The more affirmative answers a firm gives to these questions, the better it is prepared for exporting. The Checker also includes detailed commentaries to further explain the relevance of each question to export readiness.

    An easy-to-use checklist 

    The checklist structures the export process by taking exporters through eight areas of export management, letting them know whether they are prepared in that area or not. Moving from questions about export strategy and organizational commitment, it checks readiness in the areas of marketing, production, distribution and finance. Finally, it helps entrepreneurs understand their level of preparedness to plan, organize and monitor the export process.

    Countries plan to combine Checker and Trade Secrets 

    The Checker provides managers with an overview of their firm's preparedness, and gives them a blueprint to manage the preparation. It can be easily combined with ITC's Trade Secrets publication process, which leads to nationally customised reference guides with answers to the most frequent exporting questions (see Close Up section). In India and Mexico, in fact, where national versions of Trade Secrets were the first to be released, counterpart organizations are already taking steps to produce national versions of the Checker, combining them with the country-based information which emerged during the Trade Secrets in-country research process.

    While the Checker is designed primarily for SME managers and entrepreneurs, trade-related institutions can use it to determine export areas among their clientele that require support. Trainers and business consultants will find it useful to identify export training and consultancy needs.

    For more information, contact ITC's Programme for Competitiveness Improvement of SMEs (ProCIP) at procip@intracen.org 

    New CD-ROM on Quality Management 

    In CD-ROM format only, a new publication, The North American Market for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Import Regulations and Quality Requirements, is now available. It contains the United States and Canadian regulations for health, safety, environmental and labelling requirements. The CD-ROM is available free of charge to exporters from developing countries and economies in transition.

    For more information, contact ITC at itcreg@intracen.org 

    Update on Trade Information CD-ROM 

    ITC issued a Trade Information Tool Kit in April 1999 in CD-ROM format (see Forum 1/99, page 38). Due to the many requests for this product, this CD-ROM is now accessible on the Internet at http://artisanet.org/toolkit/toolkit2/entry.htm 

    For more information, contact Sebastien Turell, ITC Trade Information Consultant, at turell@intracen.org