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    ITC: 40 Years of Trade Development


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2004 

    This year, ITC turns 40. So does Trade Forum, which is ITC's oldest surviving service. Both ITC and its magazine have grown and changed over the years, but both have stayed true to ITC's mission: helping the business sectors of developing countries compete in a changing global marketplace.

    As part of ITC's anniversary activities, Trade Forum magazine is providing special coverage throughout 2004. The anniversary section in this issue includes the views of ITC's Executive Director on what has shaped the organization in the past ten years; milestones of the 30 years before; and an interview about early days at ITC. We feature a "success story" typical of ITC today - how we sparked and nurtured cooperation between Haiti and Burundi that created new jobs and business.

    You can help us celebrate our 40th anniversary by sending us your own stories about trade development in partnership with ITC.

    We're taking the opportunity to present our readers with something new: an exclusive report on the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Those who meet in Davos discuss trends that affect international businesses, big and small, all over the world. Working with journalists at the event, we've selected subjects most relevant to our readers. Some topics we've never reported on before, such as the fight against corruption and the expansion of the European Union. Other trends will be more familiar - trade talks, outsourcing, value chain analysis and information technology - but with a twist, bringing new perspectives and opinions. For most of these topics, you'll find a box listing relevant ITC programmes, services and related Trade Forum articles.

    In this issue, you'll also find details of our new books. From trade remedies to intellectual property and model contracts for small firms, once again ITC provides hands-on, practical information for business.

    We'd like to hear from you about two things. One is your feedback on the Women in the Global Economy issue. We'll feature your views in our next issue, so please let us know if and how you used the magazine in your own work, or if you've reprinted any articles, by sending me an e-mail at domeisen@intracen.org

    Second, please take a moment to update and send us your contact information, using the enclosed form. Issues 3 and 4 of Trade Forum in this anniversary year will be special editions, and we'd like to be sure that you receive them. One issue will summarize trade development topics that the magazine has reported on in recent years. The other will look at ITC past and present, with an eye to the future. It is for this issue that we ask you to tell us your own experiences.

    With 40 years of trade development experience, ITC is well placed to work with developing countries to help them improve their ability to compete in a rapidly evolving trade environment. In partnership with our clients, and in line with the practical nature of our organization, we'd like to take up the challenge of our 40th anniversary: to take stock of what has gone before, look ahead for what should be, and use the opportunity to leave a legacy.