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    ID Art Mony, Madagascar: Artisanal Products with a Special Touch


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2001

    ID Art Mony, created in 1991, produces household linens and embroidery. Today it employs 60 full-time workers, exporting mainly to France and Switzerland, with the United States and Canada envisaged as new markets.

    It sells to wholesalers who pass on the articles to specialized retailers. The business was created by Claudine Randriambololona Rabenja, who trained in France as a hairdresser in 1972, then returned to Madagascar to set up her own business in the capital Antananarivo. Largely because of the economic situation, hairdressing was not viable. She had learned embroidery from her mother, so she shut down the hairdressing salon and turned to clothing manufacture. From 1991 to 1992 she helped teach embroidery and clothing manufacture in a training centre for young mothers who needed a skill to get employment. She became president of the embroidery crafts trade union, Syndicat des Métiers d'Arts (SYMA), then took management training courses in Rotterdam and at home. After four years in business, Ms. Randriambololona Rabenja decided to try exporting the products when she saw how tourists enthused about Madagascan embroidery. She had the company featured in a crafts catalogue that had wide international distribution. The European Union helped her expand the enterprise in 1996 with a loan through the Association for the Development of Artisanal Products (ADEVA).

    Contact: Ms. Randriambololona Rabenja, ID Art Mony, 2, rue de Russie, B.P. 3510, Isoraka, Antananarivo, Madagascar. E-mail: smarty@dts.mg