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    Greening Your Business


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2001

    This issue focuses on trade and the environment. The aim is to encourage you, our readers, to think about becoming environmentally sensitive in your international business development practices.

    We provide practical information on trade and the environment, which you can act upon right away. The articles are also designed to help you think about basic environmental issues related to business. What steps have you considered to adopt environmentally sensitive packaging? Do you harbour misconceptions about "green procurement", or have you considered how buying "green" can make you more competitive?

    This time we feature two market profiles, both related to the environment, which provide exciting opportunities - processed wood products and environmental services. We analyse key business issues related to the environment: there is a glimpse at ITC's new research on environmental trade barriers, to be released later this year in conjunction with the World Economic Forum; and insights on the latest trends in timber certification, building on our partnership with the International Tropical Timber Organization. We also bring you business views from developing countries about their needs related to environmental issues.

    As always, we include information leads. You can find out where to turn, for example, to better understand WTO regulations with environmental implications. We provide contact leads for other international organizations dealing with the environment. And while ITC does not have a specific environmental programme, we have compiled an extensive list of relevant ITC books and technical papers.

    ITC's approach is based on the belief that the environment is not something that exists apart from development or trade. It needs to be firmly incorporated into everything we do. ITC is moving in that direction, far enough ahead (we hope) of our "customers" to be useful in what we have to propose.

    The environment is a business opportunity as well as a challenge. "Going green" is good business, which makes it our business, too.

    Natalie Domeisen