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    Germany Funds Poverty Reduction Programme


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2002

    The German Government will provide E 2.4 million (approximately US$ 2.2 million) for ITC's Export-led Poverty Reduction Programme. The funding is for a four-year period, from 2002 to 2006.

    At least 20 sustainable, locally-driven poverty reduction project opportunities - in at least 15 countries - are expected to emerge as a result.

    Germany's contribution is part of its Programme of Action towards the UN Millennium Declaration's goal to reduce "the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by one half by the year 2015". The German Government aims "to develop entrepreneurial capacity [of the poor] and to improve their access to productive resources... and to markets".

    As the sole UN agency dedicated to helping small firms improve their export capacity, ITC has a track record in this area. ITC's Export-led Poverty Reduction Programme matches products and services that offer strong prospects in international markets, with groups of poor producers, using partnerships with local exporters and manufacturers. In parallel, the programme creates awareness among policy-makers of the potential of trade as an engine to reduce poverty.

    With Germany's contribution as leverage, ITC will invite other donor countries to finance the expansion of its Export-led Poverty Reduction Programme.

    For more information, contact Jaime Crespo Blanco, Chief, Office for Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean at crespo@intracen.org.