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    Geneva Public Learns About Trade Development Challenges


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2005

    Photo: ITC/N. Domeisen ITC staff were on hand to answer visitors' questions and give out information materials.

    To mark the United Nations' 60th anniversary this year, the UN office at Geneva and the city authorities are organizing events and activities for the general public. The initiatives help raise awareness among Geneva's population about the various UN funds, programmes and specialized agencies - including ITC - in the city, and how they work towards the Millennium Development Goals.

    In September, ITC participated in an event called Diplomate d'un jour (Diplomat for a day), when the UN opened its doors to the public. Some 3,000 people answered the invitation. Visitors received a "UN diplomatic passport" for the day, which they could get stamped at the three locations hosting the event. They also received a fun questionnaire to fill out with information about the participating organizations; those with correct answers were entered into a prize draw.

    At ITC's stand, visitors of all ages learned about the trade development challenges that developing countries face, and what can be done to help.