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    Forum Web Site Offers More to Readers


    International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2003, © International Trade Centre

    Since 2001, print readers of Forum have been able to turn to the online version of the magazine for trade development news and issues. After two-and-a-half years of steady development, Trade Forum's trilingual web site has a lot more to offer, with web-only features providing greater interaction and user-friendliness.

    Trade development archive

    The web site's fully searchable archive of the 18 latest Trade Forum issues is an excellent tool for researchers interested in trade development issues, or for readers looking for an article they read in print over the past four years. Articles are searchable by key words, issue number and theme.

    To allow readers to explore themes further, we research and publish links to relevant magazines, international organizations and related web sites. And we tie the quarterly poll into the issue's content.

    We follow with interest the results from the online poll, which reveal marked differences between Trade Forum audiences in different languages. For example, the 52% majority of Spanish-speaking voters and the relative majority of French respondents (44%) argued that trade promotion organizations (TPOs) should not charge businesses for their services, since they are already paying for it via taxes. On the English-language web site, less than one-quarter of respondents expressed this view, with a relative majority (34%) saying that TPOs should charge businesses to cover their costs.

    New readers

    The Trade Forum web site's readership has more than doubled over the past year, and is now attracting between 40,000 and 60,000 visits per month. The web site has 180 distinct incoming links from 40 countries. The number of links pointing to us is up 63% since December 2002, with the highest growth coming from university and business school web sites. Please continue to recommend the web site to colleagues who may find it useful.

    We host a permanent collection of links to trade-related magazines. If your TPO publishes a magazine online, please let us know, so that we can include it in our links index.

    For more information, contact Prema de Sousa (desousa@intracen.org), Trade Forum Contributing Editor.