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    rbmThis training module is designed to facilitate ACCESS! focal points in establishing measures that will allow them to determine how effective their services are in achieving sustainable results, and to take corrective measures for more efficient programme implementation.

    The course will guide the participant through three chapters covering concepts as following:


    1) the design of sustainable service portfolios,

    2)  how to measure the results those services have on the beneficiaries and the resources used,

    3) the design of customized and regular off-the-shelf services aimed to develop the competitiveness of SME and the growth of sustainable exports.


    The aim of this module is for ACCESS! Focal Point institutions (AFPs)

    • Understand how to build a service portfolio based on the needs and demands of clients;
    • Define appropriate outcome and impact measures (results);
    • Design services and manage the resources for them, monitor record and report results based on Result Based Management (RBM) principles and linked to ACCESS! programme implementation;
    • This modules and its content canserve as a base forall other Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) programmes managed by AFPs and other institutional partners.