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    genreetaffaires1Women are empowered through a process that allows them to begin taking ownership and control of their own lives. It is women who empower and organize themselves. However, it helps to have access to education, training and it requires structures and legal frameworks (family laws, property rights, etc.) that can make the self-transformation process sustainable. Women as workers and entrepreneurs make significant contributions to economies and contribute to boosting regional and national economic growth and creating employment.


    ITC has developed this learning course as part of its continuing mission to develop and improve world trade, especially for developing countries and women entrepreneurs. The specialist authors have drawn from their experience and from the learning gained from respected works used in their personal development to enable you to:
    • Be certain of the value of your contribution to your country’s economy and to the global economy;
    • Know your success is important to world leaders, your government and your rights are protected;
    • Find out how to claim your rights;
    • Know that the constraints you face as an individual may have more to do with the system than it has to do with you and your abilities;
    • Know that some of these constraints have to do with gender bias;
    • Know how to distinguish between the generic business constraints and the gender-based constraints and develop strategies for addressing them.