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    coffe1The coffee sector is the second largest export commodity for developing countries. In 2007/2008   it has generated approximately US$ 13.0 billion and an estimated 100 million persons drive a living from growing, processing and trading coffee with smallholders producing the bulk of the world’s coffee.

    In many African coffee producing countries such as Burundi and Ethiopia, coffee often represents the only source of rural cash income and represents a substantial proportion of export earnings. The "Exporting Coffee Products" training module highlights the role of women in the coffee sector and will help you to define the successful keys to become a coffee exporter.

    For more information about the coffee sector, please explore our exporter's guide on coffee trade information


    ITC has developed this learning course as part of its continuing mission to develop and improve world trade, especially for developing countries and women entrepreneurs. The specialist authors have drawn from their experience and from the learning gained from respected works used in their personal development to enable you to:
    • Understand the green coffee trade;
    • Understand the role of woman in the coffee sector;
    • Identify key considerations in planning to become a coffee exporter.