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    COM TECHICTs allow an enterprise to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of performing business tasks and management activities in order to support the design of a successful business strategy, build business capabilities, conduct business transactions and manage the resources needed.

    In this module you will understand the role of ICT in today’s business world and know the importance in establishing an efficient ICT system in your company.


    ITC has developed this learning course as part of its continuing mission to develop and improve world trade, especially for developing countries and women entrepreneurs. The specialist authors have drawn from their experience and from the learning gained from respected works used in their personal development to enable you to:
    • Understand the role that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays in today’s business world;
    • Understand the hurdles faced by small and medium size enterprises for adopting ICT in the national context;
    • Understand how various types of ICT application can be used to increase your efficiency and effectiveness;
    • Know the important elements in establishing a web presence;
    • Draw conclusions as to how to apply ICTs to your organization.