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    Encouraging Inter-Regional Trade


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 1/2001 

    US$ 6 million worth of business deals are reported to be under negotiation, following the latest ITC buyers-sellers meeting, this time for wood products in southern Africa.

    ITC's most recent buyers-sellers meeting (Johannesburg, 25-26 May 2000) brought together 63 business representatives from seven African countries, to discuss marketing prospects in South Africa for wood and wood-based building materials. The meeting followed in-depth supply and demand analysis in the countries concerned. It was the second event in a series of five, each one covering different product groups, organized under the banner of ITC's intra-African trade promotion programme.

    For many enterprises, it was the first time they met face-to-face to discuss business transactions across national borders. "An excellent initiative," commented Philippe A. Monbaron, an importer of specialty woods in South Africa. At the end of the meeting, participants reported over US$ 6 million worth of transactions under negotiation.

    New CD: Buyers-sellers meeting at UNCTAD X 

    The buyers-sellers meeting at UNCTAD X has been captured on a nine-minute CD-ROM. If you are a trade support institution wondering how the buyers-sellers meetings can work for you, this CD-ROM and accompanying booklet provide a lively and practical introduction.

    For a copy of the CD-ROM, contact barreto@intracen.org