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    Dubai to Create New Export Development Centre


    © International Trade Centre, International Trade Forum - Issue 3/2005

    Photo: ASDAA ITC and the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) announced plans for an Export Development Centre in May 2005. Left to right: Philip Williams, ITC; Khalid al Kassim, DED; Klaus Arni, Strategy Analysis International; Fareed Al Abdullah and Faisal Al Ameer, DED.

    With trade accounting for about 17% of its gross domestic product, Dubai plans to work with ITC to set up an Export Development Centre to ensure the smooth development of its growing export sector.

    Fast-growing Dubai is a centre for trade in the region. It has been chosen by trade promotion organizations from around the globe to host their next World Conference in 2006.

    "With increasing focus on international trade, we need to streamline our export mechanisms further so that exporters can maximize their advantage from the unique position occupied by Dubai in the region," said Khalid Al Kassim, Deputy Director-General for Planning and Development of Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED).

    ITC provides a guiding hand

    In May, the DED and ITC signed an agreement to develop detailed proposals relating to the establishment of an Export Development Centre. They will decide upon the Centre's vision and mission, and its main functions and services. In July, ITC provided the DED with a report outlining a framework for the objectives, functions, institutional structure, work plan and preliminary budget of the Centre.

    "The Export Development Centre will be a unique trade promotion organization and will help Dubai-based exporters to identify and target the best export opportu-nities," Mr Al Kassim commented.

    According to Mr Al Kassim, the Centre will help create a strong export sector by strengthening Dubai's existing trade relations with external markets and developing new markets abroad.

    "Trade promotion organizations are of crucial significance to a place like Dubai, which has positioned itself as the trading hub of the region. The proposed Export Development Centre will reinforce the existing export sector by enabling members of the Dubai business community to deal more efficiently with foreign markets," said Philip Williams, ITC Senior Adviser on Trade Support Institutions. "We are pleased to be working with the DED, which is responsible for driving economic growth in Dubai," he added.

    The Dubai Government established the DED in 1992 with a mandate to organize, regulate and boost trade and industry within Dubai. DED's other functions comprise a range of regulatory activities, including the preparation and maintenance of a commercial register and the issuing of trade licences.

    For more information, contact Abdeslam Azuz, ITC Senior Trade Promotion Officer, at azuz@intracen.org