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    Diversifying into New Markets


    International Trade Forum - Issue 2/2007, © International Trade Centre

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    Competing and selling: Dance with the Dragon

    "Our industrial investors, we tell them, learn to dance with the Chinese, the Chinese Dragon, because they export so much. You have to face reality."
    Enrique Mantilla, President of the Argentinean Chamber of Exporters (CERA)


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    Benefiting from market access

    Employees of a Kenyan textile company produce clothing for the United States market. The signing of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) has opened new opportunities for the textile sector in Kenya. Within two years of qualifying for the AGOA, Kenya's exports of clothing and investment in its textile sector have experienced
    remarkable growth. (Source: Kenyan Export Promotion Council)


    Finding markets: Don't look back

    "Forget about reopening lost markets. There is no way to go back to COMECON markets. Bring new markets closer to companies, with market information, training skills and marketing skills because you cannot enter these markets without inventing and reinventing yourself and your business."
    Costin Lianu, Director General, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Romania


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    Cultural mobility

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    The Singapore-based leisure chain Banyan Tree, which has popularized new-age spa resorts in Asia, is branching out to Mexico in an ambitious bid to export Oriental style and hospitality to the Americas.           


    Winning backing for WTO

    "Some five years ago, WTO, even in large cities in Russia, was something that seemed rather alien. But thanks to cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Producers we have been able to overcome that rather negative attitude to entering WTO and establish close cooperation with the business community in all regions of Russia."
    Yuri Afanassiev, Senior Counsellor, Russian Federation

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    Developing non-traditional exports

    A Colombian flower grower arranges a display of roses before meeting with German flower importers at an industry exposition in Bogota. Germany is the second largest market in Europe for Colombia's flower export business, which generates $680 million a year in sales.


    Eco-friendly markets

    A Brazilian sports minicar maker Obvio! designed a small, eco-friendly car to respond to the needs of modern, urban and environmentally conscious consumers. The car will also include a dashboard computer allowing drivers to download music and digital radio streams. A first order of 50,000 cars has already been placed by a Californian company


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    New materials for new markets

    An employee at the Krasnoyarsk non-ferrous metal plant works on a palladium jewellery collection. For the first time the Siberian factory has received a large order to make exclusive jewels for an Italian company. While palladium is quite difficult to work, it is becoming more and more attractive to jewellers and consumers.